I’m Mahan; A Designer, Strategist, & Problem solver

I use strategy, design, and technology to solve human wicked problems.

Who & What?

Mahan Mehrvarz is a designer, strategist, & problem solver. He usually introduces himself as one who uses strategy, design, and technology to solve human wicked problems. Mahan holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the IAU, Central Tehran Branch, and a Master of Architecture, specializing in situated technologies from State University of New York (UB) where he was awarded the department Chair Award for outstanding performance through the design studios. In addition to working as a design manager and developer on both architecture and urban design projects, he was a former researcher of Center for Architecture and Situated Technologies, Technē Institute for Arts and Emerging Technologies, and Tehran Urban Innovation Center. In 2016, Mahan Mehrvarz was awarded the AIA Henry Adams Gold Medal from the American Institute of Architects. In 2017, his “Internet in Things”, a part of his masters dissertation, which explores the sociopolitical aspects of internet of things, has been selected by European Media Arts Festival. Together with three other principles, Mahan co-founded Future City Innovation Lab in 2019, where they focus on problem solving through design innovation.

Mahan Mehrvarz

My Six Projects that I’m Proud of

Future City Innovation Lab

#Entrepreneurship #Design_Innovation #Business

Dezz Platform

#Product_Design #Business_Design

Tehran Now!

#Research #Scenario_based_design #Storytelling

Goooshe Vintage eShop

#Entrepreneurship #Business #Brand

Not Another Tool

#Research #Media_art #Scenario_based_design

Hayat (life)

#Urban #Product #Data-Visualization

& the rest …

#Architecture #Media_art #Research_based_design

  • Future City Innovation Lab

    Together with three other principles, I have co-founded Future City Innovation Lab in 2019, where we focus on problem-solving through design innovation. Currently I work full-time as the lab director at Future City Innovation Lab.

  • Dezz Platform

    Dezz is an Iranian website for businesses working in the building industry. From freelancers to large companies have profiles in Dezz. This platform helps building owners, project managers, and developers to find and evaluate their preferable professionals…

  • Tehran Now!

    Tehran Now is  research-based design project that seeks to create plausible futures to examine the effects of design products that have not yet been thought of, created, or developed…

  • Gooshe Vintage eShop

    Gooosheh Vintage is an Instagram-based small business I have started together with my partner Paria Kia. #the_new_life_of_things is the brand’s motto and its hashtags. I am a part-time typewriter specialist there.

  • Not Another Tool!

    NAT my Masters thesis project; a scenario-based design project in the context of street movements. NAT Tries to design in the strategic layer to create non-violent resistance scenarios and some tools associated with each.

  • Hayat (life)

    “Hayat Platform” is a crowed-source social platform about quality of life in neighborhoods of Tehran to create an engaging experience for citizens of Tehran to write reviews about their neighborhoods and simultaneously provide feedback the municipality’s officials statistics.

  • & the rest…

    I have a background in Design, Architecture and Media Production. For several years I’ve worked as a design developers at architecture & urban design projects. I’ve also work in media working as content creator, cinematographer, photographer, and web developer. See my works till 2016 in my old websites.

As a Workshop Facilitator, Lecturer, & Panelist

Design Sprint for Urban Services

Workshop Designer & Lead Facilitator

Design & Emerging Technologies

Panelist & Interviewer

Tehran's Data Narrate

Workshop Designer and Coding Instructor

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