Jamshidieh Residential Complex

IAUCTB | Architecture Design V studio | spring 2012
Instructor : Mehrdad Javidinejad
By Mahan Mehrvarz

A harsh slope was the designed challenge for the studio. Designing a residential complex to sit on a valley required a huge amount of excavation and consequently a huge financial resource (compared to similar projects).

The answer to ignore the economic and environmental hardships of a huge volume of excavation was Gondola lift. Why don’t we use Gondola lift instead of the common elevators? We can customize the path and height. Although the cost is not much lesser than the excavation but it is way more environmental.
Residents will be lift up using a Gondola lift to reach their unit. The units take advantage of the soil thermal capacity, best light (in Tehran), as well as the the view to the forest park and Tehran itself.
The Site was also located near one of the most famous forest parks of Tehran; ‘Jamshidieh Park’ from which the complex took its name.
Handrails and the structure of cabins are made out of painted red metal. Color plays an important role in the total volume appearance. This color and the green nature of the site illustrates an interesting paradoxical relation between the residential complex and the wild environment.


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