A Union Façade For Bank

Design Team: Mahan Mehrvarz, Sharareh Babakhani


Actually we start the project from a previous step, because we found out that a corporate identity for the bank should be designed at first. By observing and analysing the façades, documents like debit cards and checks, logos, and visual
signs and slogans, we realized that an unpleasing chaos situation within different branches of the mentioned bank is being held.

export41 Int 50

The lack of consistency in all particles related to the aforementioned bank lead us to the conclusion that
the goal of this project is not designing a 4×8 square meters façade but a whole consistency which the façade is a part of. Thus, that whole consistency is nothing but the corporate identity.

new diag

How can we design a corporate identity which consists of facades and other documents? A very possible answer is “Texture”. Using an appropriate texture is a good solution here. Costumers are familiar with all bank documents and facades everywhere.