Traffic To Light

Changing Traffic to Light | Velux international Student Competition

Design Team: Mahan Mehrvarz, Sharareh Babakhani
Advisor: Shadi Azizi


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Mega cities are facing serious issues in the world , among the most important ones is lack of energy resources (lighting supply) and heavy traffic.
Light in the cities, especially in megacities such as Tehran plays an important role in the night life of people and causes social impacts. But supplying the required light of the city has always been a controversial issue. Meanwhile, traffic problems in Tehran are always discussed.
We’re now facing a desire of Tehran (lighting) and a dilemma (traffic) . so we decided to change this confinement to an opportunity and use it as an investment.
So we decided to use the direct participation of citizens who spend their time in traffic to light the city, the indirect method we use to generate electricity. Towards the consumption of fossil fuels and loss of productive time, an efficiency (lighting) will be made for the city.
For this purpose we designed chassis embedded in the road ,so the car wheels compress them and car weight causes energy storage in them. With this chassis even in a complete stop the car causes energy storage and provides electricity .this energy is converted to electricity and lights the city .