Waif Walls

Mirmiran Conceptual Competition | Dec 2010

Selected For Exhibition

Design Team: Mohsen KhanMohammadi, Mahan Mehrvarz


The Mirmiran Conceptual Competition(in momery of Hadi Mirmiran The Iranian Contemporary Architect) seeks annually for brilliant ideas about Architecture and City. The competition is free to everyone from any majors.
Our project was a concept design for an specific type of walls in Great Tehran City called “Jebhey-e-Gharbi-Sharghi”(means eastern and western facades of buildings in general) which is generally left without any design and idea due to a miss-communication in the comprehensive plan of Tehran. The concept was to make them green (with green wall modules) and in this way the image of city would literally change. Many cement, concrete, or whatever hard surface materials gradually change their place with green surfaces. This concept can also help Tehran’s air pollution issues.




Original Competition poster